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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) is a group of veterinarians and research scientists dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through an understanding of animal behavior. Join us and discover how insight into animal behavior can strengthen your bond with your pets and enhance the welfare of your patients.


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New AVSAB Position Statement Available


AVSAB’s latest position statement explains the importance of making each veterinary visit a positive one from the patient’s point of view. When pets are stressed at the vet, their owners know it. Happy pets means owners who are more likely to return for additional care.

Using the principles of low stress animal handling, we can make clinic visits enjoyable for owner and pet alike.

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Webinar Number 2 is Available

AVSAB-President-Elect-SallyLow Stress = High Satisfaction:  how fear free practices achieve higher revenue, client retention and lower staff turn over, with Dr. Sally J. Foote, current AVSAB president and board member of the Fear Free initiative headed by Dr Marty Becker.

Veterinary practices can see improvements in various management areas of practice, in addition to patient behavior and welfare when using low stress handling and positive conditioning to the veterinary practice techniques. Improvement in practice revenue, staff morale, reduced staff injury and turnover, and client retention will be discussed. References include the Bayer Veterinary Usage study, Client satisfaction surveys and other industry references. The purpose of the presentation is to help practice managers, technicians, veterinarians and practice owners understand the many ways reducing pet stress during care improves a practice business as well as environment.

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Written and compiled by Dr. Megan Maxwell, CAAB, the AVSAB blog covers a variety of behavior topics including bark parks, the use of positive reinforcement, and teaching the use of the Freedom Harness.

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