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Cats Just Wanna Have Fun!

Marilyn Krieger has written an article for the Animal Behavior Resources Institue on the importance of environmental enrichment for cats. Many cat owners are keeping their cats indoors now.  We must come up with a variety of ways to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.  Marilyn Krieger

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Dante Meows Too Much

This blog by Dr. Sophia Yin describes how she taught her cat, Dante, to stop meowing after he’d had a wonderful romp outside and wanted to go back out. Link to Dr. Sophia Yin’s blog

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Separation Anxiety in Cats: When a Smelly Surprise Means Kitty Loves You

In this blog by Dr Sophia Yin, she goes over a mental disease in cats called separation anxiety.  It should be one of the rule outs when cats are urinating or defecating outside of the litterbox. There is the link to her blog.

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Diagnosis and Management of Feline Urine Marking

Dr. Ilana Reisner DACVB has an article in Today’s Veterinary Practice on urine spraying in cats. In this article, Dr Reisner goes over diagnosis and treatment of this issue.  Link

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Cat Problem Behavior and How to Fix It

This is a video of Dr. Rachel Malamed DACVB being interviewed about cat behavior. In this video, Dr Malamed discusses feline elimination problems, how to encourage appropriate scratching and how to deal with fighting amongst cats.

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What is a Behavior Professional?

When looking for a dog trainer or someone to help with your dog or cat’s unwanted behaviors, you might find people with all sorts of initials after their names, or maybe no initials at all. What does it all mean? When looking for a dog trainer or

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Intercat aggression in households following the introduction of a new cat

This paper reports on a survey that was sent out to households who had adopted a cat from a rescue society. There were three goals associated with this paper.  One was to determine the incidence of intercat aggression when a new cat was brought into a household

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Articles on Cat Body Language

As professionals, we need to understand feline behaviour signals as a way to enhance their quality of life and to be able to intervene when there are issues. Cat body language can be very subtle and requires great attention to detail when evaluating how cats are getting

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Answering Pet Behavior Questions at Behavior Expert Meeting by Steve Dale

When Steve Dale covers the behavior symposium, he always brings along excellent questions from his readers. To view some of the questions and answers, please go to his blog: Steve Dale’s Pet World

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