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“Science Friday!”: Research Paper Review

Dr. Maxwell summarizes and reviews a recent paper published in The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science titled “Effects of Caregiver-Implemented Aggression Reduction Procedure on Problem Behavior of Dogs” Full Reference: Echterling-Savage, K., DiGennaro Reed, F.D., Miller, L.K., & Savage, S. (2015). Effects of Caregiver-Implemented Aggression Reduction

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Behavioral “Red Flags” in the Dog

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding you Pet series, Dr. Stelow provides an overview of canine body language indicators of stress and fear.

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Dog Chewing Through Walls

My sister-in-law has a 1-year-old Collie who continues to chew holes in her drywall walls. Any solutions? The chewing of walls by a dog can stem from a variety of causes, so a detailed assessment of the situation is necessary before an explanation or intervention can be

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The Dog Days of Summer

I often hear from pet owners that they are reluctant to walk their dogs due to various weather conditions (excessive heat, cold, snow, or rain). When the weather outside is frightful, what are some indoor options for exercising your dog? One option is tug-of-war, but tug toys

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What is a “Hard Eye” in a Dog?

In her most recent blog post, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell discusses how to identify the “hard eye”, what its communicative function is, and what one should do when faced with this steely glance from a dog.

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Leading by the Head: Addressing Leash Pulling

We’ve all seen the image of a well-meaning dog owner stumbling along the sidewalk behind his or her beloved dog. The owner is yelling, “Heel! Max, Heel! Come, Wait, Heel!” as the dog, gagging and drooling all over himself, pulls mightily forward at the end of the

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Separation Anxiety: The Great Imitator, Part 4

A conclusion to the 4-part series on differentials for separation anxiety, in which predatory behavior is considered.

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Separation Anxiety: The Great Imitator, Part 3

Dr. Meredith Stepita discusses the importance of teasing apart other house soiling issues from soiling resulting from separation anxiety.

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Separation Anxiety: The Great Imitator (Part 2)

Dr. Meredith Stepita discusses additional causes of behavior that might appear like separation anxiety in this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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Living with my dog is like…

Dr. Emily Levine discusses some of the difficulties of living with a dog with behavior problems in this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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