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Risk Analysis of Behavior Problems: Overview Part 1

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, Dr. Melissa Bain introduces a series she will be sharing on assessing risk in pet behavior problems.

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“Science Friday!”: A Revised Taxonomy of Assistance Animals

Dr. Megan Maxwell summarizes a recent paper in The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, in which authors present a taxonomy of assistance animals to clarify a currently murky area of label confusion and misuse. Parenti, L.P., Foreman, A., Meade, J. & Wirth, O. (2013). A revised

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Fall 2015 Trainers Ring

Fall is in the air! One of the most beautiful times of the year is right around the corner.  A time filled with change and an abundance of color. Mother Nature has a lovely way of communicating. Of telling various species of animals and plants that its

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Separation Anxiety: The Great Imitator (Part 1)

Dr. Meredith Stepita discusses other causes of behavior that might appear like separation anxiety in this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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Talking Terms – Positive Reinforcement

There is no shortage of recommendations for the use of positive reinforcement in today’s pet training and behavior books. Pet behavior professionals of various backgrounds have embraced positive reinforcement as a scientifically sound and effective way to change behavior without reliance on physical force or aversive stimuli.

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Kitty Play Saves the Day

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding Your Pet series, Dr. Karen Sueda some play options for your feline friend.

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Using Treats: Bribe or Bonus?

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding Your Pet series, Dr. Karen Sueda reviews the differences between treats when they have become bribes and treats as effective positive reinforcers.

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Housetraining Tips

Housetraining a new puppy can be a real struggle for many families. This process involves much careful observation, consistent rewarding (reinforcement) of good behavior, and avoidance of accidents. Here are three important steps to successful housetraining: First, be sure to reward all successful urinations and defecations outside

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The Role of a Behavioral Consultant

Applied animal behaviorists and veterinary behaviorists typically are called in by pet owners to address a variety of behavior problems and training deficits exhibited by their companion animals. Our job is to assess the situation, provide a functional characterization of the problem behavior, and offer interventions that

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Book Review: Animal Madness

Animal Madness Book Review Author Laurel Braitman has a fresh perspective on animal psychology. Her PhD work is in History of Science and she provides interesting historical context for the early days of mental illness diagnoses in animals, and the development of modern-day psychopharmacology. She gets her

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