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Dog Park People blog by The Science Dog

“Dog Parks are a relatively new cultural phenomenon, and have increased in both number and popularity over the last 15 years. It is an understatement to say that people are rather polarized in their views of dog parks. Advocates maintain that these designated areas provide invaluable opportunities

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What not to Err

Compliation of information from a talk by Kathy Sdao.

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Happy Cows

Nice video of cows who were let out of the barn on a farm in Germany after a long winter.

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Body language in cats video

This video was developed by Cats Protection UK.

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Dogs are people, too

“For the past two years, my colleagues and I have been training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner — completely awake and unrestrained. Our goal has been to determine how dogs’ brains work and, even more important, what they think of us humans. Now, after training

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Reactive Dog: Foundation exercises for your leash-reactive dog

This article by Dr. Sophia Yin goes over how to manage a reactive dog in a positive, humane way. Link to Dr. Sophia Yin’s article.

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Dog genetics spur scientific spat

Scientists investigating the transformation of wolves into dogs are behaving a bit like the animals they study, as disputes roil among those using genetics to understand dog domestication. “In recent months, three international teams have published papers comparing the genomes of dogs and wolves. On some matters

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Compulsive disorders: Have you considered GI involvement?

This article Compulsive disorders: Have you considered GI involvement was written by Dr. Ballantyne and Dr. Ciribassi DACVB for Veterinary Medicine  At the end of the article you will find some excellent references and a questionnaire for your clients.

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Animal Training at Sea World and Busch Gardens

Very interesting website discussing the training methodologies of Sea World and Busch Gardens. This website offers a lot of good information that goes over an introduction to animal training, how the animals at these facilities are trained and how it can be applied by the pet owning

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Ready…Set…for Groomer and Vet

Visiting the veterinarian’s office can be a tense experience, for both the owner and the dog, especially if the environment has stressful associations and outcomes.  In this article by Laura Monaco Torelli, she gives a number of tips of how to make visits a fun experience. Link

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