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Cat Behavior Modification

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    Tracy Carreiro 

    Good Morning Everyone–

    I am looking for some videos on behavior modification in cats.  Specifically, I’d like one that demonstrates a typical name recognition/look at me cue with a reward.   It seems like this basic behavior modification technique must be on film somewhere.  I’d love any help you can provide.


    Tracy A. Carreiro, DVM

    Tracy A. Carreiro, DVM
    "You can always tell when the groove is working or not." Prince

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    Mikel Delgado
    Mikel Delgado


    It’s not great quality, but here is a video of training “Look” with a cat!



    Mikel Maria Delgado,
    Maddie’s Postdoctoral Fellow in Animal Behavior
    Department of Medicine and Epidemiology
    UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

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