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Changing your Profile Picture

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    Carolyn Lincoln
    Carolyn Lincoln
    This is one of the areas that we need to streamline so bear with us.
    Each member has two profiles and this we can’t change. You have a profile as a member of AVSAB and this is the profile that shows up in the searches. This can have a photo attached. Note that recently, the list is not coming up with photos, you can’t click a result from the list for more detailed information and the results are not mobile responsive (don’t come up great on a phone, for example). We are working on this.
    Your other profile is for the forums. BBPress is the most commonly used software used for forums and it allows you to create a signature, add a photo, etc. This is unrelated to your membership profile, as said and you should be able to edit this as well. This too has some little issues to get changed.
    To change your photo:
    I’m not sure which one you need to change and because I am an Administrator and Keymaster (forum), these work a bit differently for me.
    Membership Profile: (If you click “edit your information” in the wrong spot, it just keeps looping you back without giving you the opportunity to edit! <smh>) so follow this:
    Go to the My Accounts page under Membership
    Click “My Profile”
    Scroll down to find your profile
    Under the title “Your Information”, click “To edit your information, click here”
    Scroll down and click “Edit information” (NOT See full profile)
    Now you will be back in your profile form and you can edit your information including your photo. It is under “Professional Photo” which is almost at the bottom of the form. Change it and hit “Update” at the bottom.
    Forum Profile: I am not sure this works because for me, it handles it differently because of my role. So let me know. Follow these instructions:
    Go to “Resources” in the top menu
    Choose “Forums”
    Scroll down to the bottom of the Sidebar in yellow
    Find “My Forum Profile”
    Click “edit profile” (under the photo spot)
    Scroll down to find the section titled “avatar” and you can choose or change a photo there. For me it is a bit different and I can see all our photos on the website so hopefully, you will only see a place to upload a photo of yourself, your building, your bird or whatever you want!
    Please let me know if you have any questions or problems. If you would rather contact me by email, use the avsab email:

    Carolyn Lincoln, DVM
    AVSAB Corresponding Secretary
    Play To Behave LLC
    Your Dog. Your Cat. Behavior You Love.

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