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Cost of nonconforming residency?

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    Does anyone have any ballpark figures of cost per year of a nonconforming residency. My understanding is that it varies depending on your mentor, but I was just wondering if anyone had any idea of ball park figures per year. Thanks!

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    John Ciribassi
    John Ciribassi


    It would probably not be appropriate to post this information on the forum since it may make it problematic for mentors in setting their fees. Safe to say some arrangements do not involve fees to the mentor and in other cases you may be looking at several thousand per year. A common arrangement can be a monthly, quarterly or annual retainer type fee as well as costs for case evaluation and travel costs (which can also include fees for the mentor’s time during the time they are observing you on your cases).

    I would suggest approaching individuals in non-conforming programs to see if they would be comfortable (with their mentor’s permission) to share the details of their arrangements.


    John Ciribassi DVM, DACVB
    Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants
    Carol Stream, IL 60188

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    Thanks John! I will do that.

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    Sally Foote

    I think this is an excellent opportunity to share the range of cost of the non traditional residency.  While no one particular mentor has to say what they charge, to gather this information and show the range of costs helps those who are considering this create a budget, and evaluate the return on the invested time and money.  I could not find anything on the College website about this.  Also, if the salary range of those with diplomate can be posted to also inform I think would help those considering residencies.

    Sally J Foote DVM  Okaw Veterinary Clinic Tuscola Il

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