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Fluoxetine alternatives in a cat

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    I’m looking for some advice about medication for my own cat. Max is a 4yo MN DMH, adopted from a local shelter about 9 months ago. He exhibits many fearful behaviours including hiding, vocalisation, and hyper-vigilance. I trialled him on fluoxetine for one month in July/August, but while he showed less anxious behaviour, he became irritable and aggressive, even swiping my husband in the face one day. I discontinued the fluoxetine and am looking for alternative to try to address his anxiety in a less disruptive way.

    I am very concerned about his behaviour as it is severely disrupting the already shaky bond we have with Max. He spends most of the day under the bed, will come out to demand food, but only interacts minimally with us. We spent 4 days interstate last week and Max was boarded at the local vet clinic. When we brought him home he seemed happy to see us and was quite affectionate and cuddly for 3 days, but then started isolating himself again. When my husband or I pick him up he wails, and he struggles frantically when we try to hold him, but 2 days ago he was climbing onto our laps and falling asleep. It seems that he settles in then gets scared, and I really don’t know why. We are becoming very frustrated with the situation, and I am very close to surrendering him to a shelter. I don’t know why he is behaving like he is.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Katrine Milne

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