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Max dose of Trazodone for Event medication in SA

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    Laurie Schulze

    Hello All,

    I have a 6 year old  mn mix breed dog that was being treated for separation anxiety for the 2 years on Trazodone was prescribed  100-150 mg bid.  The owners decreased to 50 mg because the felt the dog was to sedate.   The dog was not destructive so they thought all was well but they were having a baby in 10 days ( I kid you not ) and they started noticing the dog was increasing his aggressive displays around unfamilliar people ( barking , growling , snarling.

    Anyway they had never video the dog but when I had them do that he was whinig and barking at the door they left from for an hour.   We increased to 100 mg of trazodone bid, he then did relax some but still not enough , so I increased to 150 mg.    ALso added fluoxetine at 10 mg sid for 2 weeks… then to increased to 30 mg sid.

    The baby came right before this so they did nto follow up with me for a video during that time.  Well they left him and he destroyed part of the door edge and chewed carpet.

    So I had them up to 200 mg trazodone the video for 15 min – owner downloaded an app so they could watch . He didn’t chew the door but barked and whined at the door , she came back.

    my question is hes a 65 lb dog.   I thought I read some where in that Javam study they didn’t go over 300 mg of Trazodone bid for any dog .   That study is a bit older so I didn’t know if that still stands , or I should try something else like add Gabba or change to Clonidine?    I don’t’ think the fluoxetine caused increase in his anxiety when left alone his other reactive behaviors are decreasing .  They have been home more because of the baby coming but now they have recently started going longer departures.     However he is getting more destructive than he has  than the delt with in the past, but he had been on the 10 mg sid for 2 weeks and this just happened ( destroying door frame)   .           Thanks for any input.

    Laurie Schulze, DVM

    Westerville ohio

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    Louisa Beal 

    Hi, Laurie

    I wish there had been some replies to your post.  I have questions about trazodone, too.  In general, I choose a dose based on the dog’s response.  However, I  don’t use trazodone that much because, for what I have read, it has more of a sedative action than an anti-anxiety effect.  I’ve had a couple of cases recently where the regular DVM had put the dog on trazodone for ‘separation anxiety’.  There had not been a satisfactory response so I was called in.  Switching meds to a benzo helped these dogs.

    I am wondering what others have as a medication protocol for ‘separation anxiety’.  I put this in quotes, since I wonder if some of these noise phobias or general anxiety syndromes are all called ‘separation anxiety’.

    Louisa Beal DVM

    Fircrest, WA



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