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Meds for storm and firework anxiety

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    What are the general thoughts here about Sileo for noise phobias? It works really well for one of my dogs, and have generally had good feedback from others who have tried it. But with the short duration of action, I’m wondering if <span class=”highlightNode”>clonidine</span> might be a suitable option especially for when storms are forecasted in a couple hours but no one will be home to dose right beforehand. Not finding a lot of information about using clonidine in dogs other than a few mentions on VIN. I’ve always used benzodiazepines or trazodone for this purpose and hadn’t really considered an alpha-2 until Sileo came out. Thanks for any responses.

    Jennifer Ng, DVM
    Columbia, SC

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    Louisa Beal 

    I, too am wondering what experience others have had with Sileo.  Also, Zylkene is one that I haven’t seen much non-commercial information about.  I have had clients ask about these, and I’m not sure what to tell them.


    Louisa Beal DVM

    Fircrest, WA

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    Any thoughts on this?  Maybe if notifications are working now, we’ll get some more feedback?

    Louisa, I’ve tried Zylkene on my dog as well.  Maybe some effect, but not really sure.  With any of the calming supplements, I usually tell people that they seem to be hit or miss.  Seem to help some of the milder cases, but you also get a good proportion of dogs that it don’t really response.  I believe the rep said they usually saw improvement in about an 80%  of cases.  Of all the supplements I’ve tried, I’ve found Composure Pro to have the best effect, and have had similar feedback from clients.

    Jennifer Ng, DVM
    Columbia, SC

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    Sally Foote

    For storms I go back to Propranolol   5mg per 20 lb of dog is the basic dose.  If they need more sedation – the dog who is still pacing and panting and cannot settle then add Diazepam at  .5mg/lb   you can dose this bid – it’s effect seems to last about 12 hours.

    I have not tried sileo – cost compared to other products and here in Central Illinois Storms whip up fast so if they are predicted for the day they need a dose that will last in case they blow over or come continuously.

    zylkene daily with Adaptil collar has worked well also for me

    Composure pro is also helpful for all noise phobias in my case load


    Sally J Foote DVM  Tuscola Il  Okaw Veterinary Clinic

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