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Promote Dittowearables?

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    Hello all,

    I got the email below and am not sure about this device. It doesn’t cause pain according to the way it is used but I’m not sure that it is promoting positive reinforcement. I also think it could cause confusion for owners.

    My fitbit does this for me when I want a reminder and I love it but again, not sure about use with a dog.

    This is the website:

    Please let me know how you wish me to proceed.

    Thank you,



    Hi AVSAB,

    I just spoke with the Los Angeles PETA group about our product and they recommended I reach out to you next.
    Turns out, the product we developed, Ditto, is extremely popular among dog owners. Instead of using inhumane shock collars, dog owners are attaching the wearable technology device we’ve created to their dogs collars and sending them harmless vibrations as a means of reinforcement. The vibration is gentle but effective, immediately getting the dogs attention.
    We thought this was fascinating and that you should know about it. We would love to speak with you about this and get your thoughts. Possibly available for a call tomorrow?
    We look forward to hearing back.
    Thank you.
    Neal Pecchenino
    Director of Product & Operations  

    Carolyn Lincoln, DVM
    AVSAB Corresponding Secretary

    Carolyn Lincoln, DVM
    AVSAB Corresponding Secretary

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    John Ciribassi
    John Ciribassi

    I don’t think we, as an organization, are doing product reviews or promotions. And, “vibration” is not a method of reinforcement. I would suggest respectfully declining.


    John Ciribassi DVM, DACVB
    Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants
    Carol Stream, IL 60188

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    Fiia Jokela

    I agree with John 100%.  I would decline for his reasons.


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    Meredith Stepita 
    Meredith Stepita 

    Ditto what John said (pun intended). It sounds like they are inadvertently promoting misconceptions pet owners already have about how to properly and effectively reinforce their pet’s behavior.



    Meredith Stepita, DVM, DACVB
    Veterinary Behavior Specialists
    Dublin, CA

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