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research or data on chlorine bleach causing " nose blindness"

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    Sally Foote

    At the VMX/NAVC  Dr Marty Becker said that a boarded behaviorist cited a study that chlorine bleach is unpleasant, or a negative smell experience.  He did not cite the reference, or state at what concentration there was a negative experience for the animal.  In my clinical experience with a 1 :20 dilution, there is not much of a smell, the sanitation level is good and we are a low stress certified clinic using rewards, low stress handling, and clear understanding of removing triggers to anxiety in the clinic so  many of our patients are happy at the clinic.  I did not ask during the presentation about the reference, and Dr Becker did not get to a reference slide at the end so I thought I would ask here.

    I have read an article where bleach at 1:10 dilution as a rinse for litterboxes, helped attract cats to the box.  Also dogs with severe pyoderma are now being treated with a chlorine bleach rinse of 1:10.  so if this dilution is a problem, I would think there would be a problem for the treated dogs.

    Any info is appreciated.


    Sally J Foote DVM


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