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     Louisa Beal 

    Hi, Laurie

    I wish there had been some replies to your post.  I have questions about trazodone, too.  In general, I choose a dose based on the dog’s response.  However, I  don’t use trazodone that much because, for what I have read, it has more of a sedative action than an anti-anxiety effect.  I’ve had a couple of cases recently where the regular DVM had put the dog on trazodone for ‘separation anxiety’.  There had not been a satisfactory response so I was called in.  Switching meds to a benzo helped these dogs.

    I am wondering what others have as a medication protocol for ‘separation anxiety’.  I put this in quotes, since I wonder if some of these noise phobias or general anxiety syndromes are all called ‘separation anxiety’.

    Louisa Beal DVM

    Fircrest, WA



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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