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    Quick follow-up question – As we are introducing Cam to our bulldog, Winston, they both started to show an indication they were going to hump the other. Winston has always perked his ears and chattered his teeth a little right before he used to hump our previous dog. I distracted Winston to prevent the behavior, then a minute or so later Cam was behind Winston and started to hump the air, with the intent to mount him clearly obvious. Is this behavior that I should distract from or is it something they are going to have to sort out? So far when they are together they haven’t really interacted much. They follow each other around a little and like to sniff each other’s butts and groins, but no actual play yet.

    Any thoughts/suggestions on the humping?

    Thanks again for the previous responses! I have watched one of the webinars by Jacqueline Munera and it had a lot of great guidelines/tips to start using.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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