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Help! My dog licks everything

As veterinarians, we often get calls regarding dogs that have started to lick a variety of surfaces and objects around the house.

In the online magazine, Veterinary Medicine of April 1, 2008, Dr Valarie Tynes DACVB has written an in depth article on dogs excessively licking objects or surfaces.  She goes over defining the problem, getting a thorough history of the issue, differential diagnoses, possible diagnostic tests and behaviour management.  This is a great aid for veterinarians working up this particular problem.

Here is the link to this article Help!  My dog licks everything

An article was also just published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2012) 7, 194-204  Gastrointestinal disorders in dogs with excessive licking of surfaces by Becuwe-Bonnet et al.  In this study, 14 of 19 dogs in the licking group were found to have GI abnormalities.

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