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Do you need a veterinarian who is well versed in various behavior topics for your next Continuing Education Seminar? Check out the AVSAB Speakers Bureau! This is a group of AVSAB members skilled in presenting many aspects of clinical animal behavior to your group. Use the search function below to access a list of members, their qualifications, the topics they cover and where they are located.

(**Please note – we are currently working on updating this speakers bureau list. We appreciate your patience as we work through the glitches.)

Local or state Veterinary Medical Associations qualify for either a $250 stipend per calendar year for an in-person lecture, or a $150 stipend per calendar year for a webinar presented by one of our Speakers Bureau members.

Student chapters of AVSAB qualify for either a $350 stipend for an in-person lecture, or 2 $150 stipends for a webinar per calendar year presented by one of our Speakers Bureau members.

If your VMA or SCAVSAB is interested, please contact the AVSAB treasurer, Juanita Ashton ( to determine your eligibility.  The stipend is sent out after the Speaker Bureau talk occurs. The check will be in US funds made out to the SCAVSAB chapter or VMA.

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Available Speakers

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NameValerie Jonckheer-Sheehy MVB MRCVS MSc LAS CertWEL Dip. ECAWBM (BM, AWSEL) European Veterinary Special

Countries of License



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Behavior Specific Education

Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (sub-speciality Behavioural Medicine)

Area(s) of Special Interest in Behavior

anxiety disorders
aggression disorders
repetitive movement disorders (stereotypies, compsulsive behaviours)

Previous Speaking Experience

Extensive. CV Available on request.
International and national (Netherlands) conferences on canine, feline and equine ethology, welfare and clinical behavioural medicine.

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Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy graduated from the Veterinary College of Ireland, University College Dublin in 2003. She worked as a veterinarian in mixed practice in Wales; the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and Eurogroup for Animals in Brussels; for a local horse racing track (flat racers) and a companion animal clinic in Mumbai, India. She was also an invited expert at several local animal shelters and a riding club in India. In 2006 she attained a Masters in Laboratory Animal Science (Ghent University, Belgium) her Masters thesis was on “The care and use of horses and ponies as research animals” with a focus on behaviour and welfare. During that time Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy visited equine research centres in India, The Netherlands and the UK. In 2010 Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy attained a Certificate in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK). After her time in India, Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy spent almost 4 years at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University in the Netherlands where she worked as a behaviour veterinarian, behaviour/welfare researcher and lecturer.

Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy now owns and runs Animalytics Veterinary Behavioural Medicine and Animal Welfare Consultancy ( in the Netherlands. Under the flagship of Animalytics, Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy sees all of her cat and dog behaviour cases at V.S.C. de Wagenrenk (, a specialist veterinary referral clinic in the Netherlands. Horse behaviour and animal welfare consultations/expert opinions are by private appointment only. Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy also conducts scientific research, is a well-known lecturer on both the national and international circuit and writes a bi-monthly column on behaviour problems for the Dutch newspaper, “De Telegraaf”.

Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy became a Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (subspeciality Behavioural Medicine) in early 2015 and was the first person to achieve this is the Netherlands. In September 2015 Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy became a Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (subspeciality Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law). Again, she’s the first person in the Netherlands to have achieved this title. In June 2015, Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy set up the Dutch Veterinary Behaviour Group (Nederlandse Werkgroep Veterinarie Gedragskunde – NWVG) and acts as its Chair. Dr Jonckheer-Sheehy also sits on the Examination Committee of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine and is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research.

Sample Lecture Topics

  • The diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders (dogs, cats or horses)
  • Stress free handling of animals (dogs, cats or horses)
  • Assessing animal welfare (dogs, cats or horses)

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