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Do you need a veterinarian who is well versed in various behavior topics for your next Continuing Education Seminar? Check out the AVSAB Speakers Bureau! This is a group of AVSAB members skilled in presenting many aspects of clinical animal behavior to your group. Use the search function below to access a list of members, their qualifications, the topics they cover and where they are located.

(**Please note – we are currently working on updating this speakers bureau list. We appreciate your patience as we work through the glitches.)

Local or state Veterinary Medical Associations qualify for either a $250 stipend per calendar year for an in-person lecture, or a $150 stipend per calendar year for a webinar presented by one of our Speakers Bureau members.

Student chapters of AVSAB qualify for either a $350 stipend for an in-person lecture, or 2 $150 stipends for a webinar per calendar year presented by one of our Speakers Bureau members.

If your VMA or SCAVSAB is interested, please contact the AVSAB treasurer, Juanita Ashton ( to determine your eligibility.  The stipend is sent out after the Speaker Bureau talk occurs. The check will be in US funds made out to the SCAVSAB chapter or VMA.

If you have other questions, please write to

If you are an AVSAB member and would like to apply to be added to the list of speakers, see below.

Available Speakers

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NameAmanda E. Florsheim DVM

Countries of License

United States

State(s) of License



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Behavior Specific Education

Currently a resident in behavior medicine through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Area(s) of Special Interest in Behavior

canine and feline aggression, anxiety

Previous Speaking Experience

- Texas A&M AVSAB
Nov 2013
o Feline restraint and training

- ACVB Resident Rounds Oct 2013
o Presentations from IVBM

- Bent Tree Animal Hospital staff education meeting Sept 2013
o Top 10 ways using appropriate behavior techniques can improve your practice

- TARVT Lecture June 2013
o Top 10 ways using appropriate behavior techniques can improve your practice

- East Lake Veterinary Hospital and shelter staff education May 2013
o How training cats can improve their handling at shelters and hospitals

- ACVB Resident Rounds March 2013
o Nutrition research and behavior

- Robson Ranch Happy Tails club meeting Feb 2013
o Control devices and common training questions

- Texas A&M AVSAB Nov 2012
o Treating reactive and fear aggressive dogs

- Texas A&M AVSAB Feb 2012
o Common behavior problems seen in general practice

- Robson Ranch Happy Tails club meeting Feb 2012
o Separation-related disorders in dogs

- National Bichon Frise Club specialty meeting May 2011
o Living in a multi-dog household
o Common problems experienced in rescue dogs
o Separation-related disorders

- East Lake Veterinary Hospital client and staff education Jan 2010
o Separation-related problems
o Use of appropriate training techniques for dogs

- IAABC Conference, Houston, TX April 2009
o Thyroid disease in dogs and its impact on behavior

- Capital Area VMA Jan 2008
o Separation-related disorders in dogs
o Litterbox problems in cats

- Texas A&M AVSAB Oct 2007
o Alternative therapies in behavior medicine

Speaker Bio: What would you like listed on the website?

Dr. Florsheim was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She graduated with honors from Trinity University and attended Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine. While at A&M, she was selected as a Geralide R. Dodge Fronteirs of Veterinary Medicine Fellow in 2000 and received the Skipper-Stephens Award for the 4th year student who highlighted the importance of the human-animal bond. She has been in private practice in Dallas since 2002 and in 2010 left general practice to open her own practice limited to behavior medicine and acupuncture. In her spare time, Dr. Florsheim is an avid reader, loves to cook, travel and spend time with her husband Rob, her dog Sebastian and her cats Hobbes, Ollie and Loki.

Sample Lecture Topics

  • 10 Ways a Better Understanding of Behavior Can Improve Your Veterinary Practice
  • Common Feline Behavior Problems and Training
  • Leash-Reactivity in Dogs: Causes and Treatment

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