Welcome Veterinary Students!

Student membership is limited to veterinary students who are currently enrolled in an accredited college of veterinary medicine. You can be a member as an individual or as a member of your school’s student chapter.  Either way, there is a lot for you to take advantage of: Learn about veterinary behavior, network with other students and veterinarians, and keep up with current developments in the industry.

Sorry, but veterinary technicians and vet tech students are not eligible for AVSAB membership. We recommend checking out the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (www.svbt.org) and the Academy of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (www.avbt.net) for behavior resources for technicians.

Benefits of Student Membership

Exclusive Blog Access

As a student member, you can log on to our site to access exclusive blog articles.

Exclusive Forum Access

As a student member, you also have the opportunity to network and exchange information with veterinarians, other veterinary students, veterinary behaviorists, and applied animal behaviorists in our online forum.

AVSAB newsletter

Student members are automatically subscribed to our newsletter and also have the opportunity to submit items, such as case reports

Discounts on Meeting Registration

As a member, you receive reduced cost of registration for the annual ACVB/AVSAB Scientific Meeting. This meeting offers you a unique educational opportunity, with cutting edge lectures and poster sessions as well as the chance to personally interact with a wide range of professionals within the field.

Award for Student Excellence in Applied Animal Behavior Research

Are you a veterinary student with an interest in animal behavior?
Would you like to dazzle your colleagues with your brilliance?
Would you like to win $$$$?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, apply for AVSAB’s Award for Student Excellence in Applied Animal Behavior Research.

The winner will receive a cash prize of $1500 and present his/her paper at the AVSAB/ACVB annual meeting. The runner-up will provide a poster and receive a $500 prize.

Recent winning topics include:

  • Beef cattle responses to noises
  • Non-aversive trailer-loading training for horses
  • Owner compliance and the treatment of aggressive dogs
  • Feline toy preferences
  • Validation of in-shelter temperament tests by correlation with post-adoption owner surveys
  • Evaluation of behavioral assessments of newly-relinquished shelter cats

Note: The research award will not be awarded in 2015 since we are moving to a new venue and format for the 2015 annual meeting. Stay tuned to this site later in the fall for updated inforation for 2016


Benefits of Student Chapter Membership


Each student chapter has a current AVSAB member who serves as chapter advisor.  Most advisors are faculty members at the veterinary school or local veterinarians with a strong interest in animal behavior.

Speakers’ Bureau

Student chapters of AVSAB qualify for either a $350 stipend for an in-person lecture or two $150 stipends for a webinar per calendar year presented by one of our Speakers’ Bureau members.

If your SCAVSAB is interested, please contact the AVSAB treasurer, Kari Krause, at [email protected] to determine your eligibility.  The stipend is sent out after the Speakers’ Bureau talk occurs. The check will be in US funds made out to the SCAVSAB chapter.

Find a speaker here.

Student Chapter Service Award

AVSAB invites submission of applications for a Student Chapter Service Award. This award honors the student chapter that demonstrated the highest number of club meetings, educational activities, and individual involvement. The winning entry receives a check for $500 in US funds made out to the student group.  AVSAB student chapters should submit a detailed list of activities that the club and/or its members organized and attended for the year prior to application deadline, including the following categories:

  • Behavior meetings that the club organized (e.g. field trips, lectures, wet labs for students and veterinarians)
  • Behavior meetings that club members attended (e.g. continuing education seminars at veterinary meetings, training seminars)
  • Community outreach and public education organized by the club or its members (e.g. volunteer activities, fund raisers, open house booth, training classes)
  • Volunteer activities of club members in the area of animal behavior (e.g. shelter programs, wildlife centers, pet visitation programs, grief counseling, open house booth, fund raisers)
  • Behavior research projects conducted by club members
  • Other relevant activities of the behavior club or its members.

The application must include the name and address of the chapter president and faculty adviser.

Stay tuned for information on the Student Chapter Service Award

Recommended Resources

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Student Chapter Application and Renewal Form

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