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Treat or not to treat: that is the question

All behavioural issues need to be dealt with on an individual basis but there are issues that must be discussed for each case.

As veterinarians, we see many clients whose animals need assistance with their behaviour problems.  These can range from inappropriate elimination to anxiety and aggression.  Being able to handle these cases or possibly referring to a specialist can help numerous clients retain their animals.  We have to be able to have open discussions with the owners about what to realistically expect from treatment.  There are some cases where humane euthanasia is the most humane option for all involved.

Link to Treat or euthanize? Helping owners make critical decisions regarding pets with behavior problems.

In this article by Dr Lore Haug DACVB, she goes over many issues that need to be discussed.  These include evaluating the options, owners perceptions, finances and time, physical or emotional limitations, environmental factors, patient factors (size, signalment, genetics, development periods, medical history) and behavioural factors (bite threshold and inhibition).

Link to Treat or euthanize? Putting it all together: Prognositc indicators.

This article by Dr. Lore Haug discusses the positive and negative factors that influence each individual’s prognosis.

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