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CAAB Chat Webinar: Preview of Public Day at Animal Behavior Society

This year, the topic for Public Day at the ABS Meeting at the University of Missouri is “Animals Helping in Society.”  For this CAAB Chat, you’ll be treated to a preview of Public Day presentations from some of the speakers. You’ll be hearing from Dr. Robin Foster,

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Proposed Amendments for Annual Meeting Location

ARTICLE III 1. The annual meeting will be held for the transaction of business. Scientific papers related to veterinary ethology and behavioral medicine will be presented at the meeting. A general meeting of the members shall be held each year. At least every other year, this meeting

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Help! My dog licks everything

As veterinarians, we often get calls regarding dogs that have started to lick a variety of surfaces and objects around the house. In the online magazine, Veterinary Medicine of April 1, 2008, Dr Valarie Tynes DACVB has written an in depth article on dogs excessively licking objects

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