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From new puppies to canine companions to working dogs, animal caregivers are in constant need of
sound training information. Caregivers search for guidance to increase the likelihood of a successful
outcome, improve comfort and quality of life, minimize suffering and optimize their financial

investment, yet, it is difficult to know what resources can be trusted. Unfortunately, some of the
information and products that are promoted or distributed via popular media and entertainment can
actually increase the risk of causing harm – worsening problem behaviors, developing new undesired
behaviors (including aggression) and damaging the relationship and bond between caregiver and dog. In
response to this immense public need, the veterinarians and doctorate level behavioral health experts
comprising the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior have just released a position statement
that summarizes current research. The consensus statement provides clear guidelines on the most
effective, humane, safe (and fun!) ways to train dogs.
The AVSAB Position Statement on Humane Dog Training can be found on the AVSAB position statement
page at: https://avsab.org/resources/position-statements/

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