Student Chapter Application

We welcome any and all veterinary students from around the world with an interest in animal behavior.

Overview of Student Chapter Requirements:

Veterinary school students may form an AVSAB Student Chapter for added student benefits. All Chapters must have an advisor. Advisors must be on the faculty and a current AVSAB member. The Chapter pays dues of $50 per year, and the advisor will continue to pay their own individual AVSAB dues. See more details below.

Benefits of Student Chapter Membership


Each student chapter has a current AVSAB member who serves as chapter advisor.  Most advisors are faculty members at the veterinary school or local veterinarians with a strong interest in animal behavior.

Speakers’ Bureau

Student chapters of AVSAB qualify for either a $350 stipend for an in-person lecture or two $150 stipends for a webinar per calendar year presented by one of our Speakers’ Bureau members.

If your SCAVSAB is interested, please contact us at [email protected].   The steps for applying for the Speaker’s Bureau stipend are below:

1.  Student Chapters should select the speaker they are interested in having present.  Once selected and contacted, they should let AVSAB know the speaker along with the scheduled date and time of the presentation. At that time, AVSAB will confirm the Chapter’s membership status and contact the speaker to make arrangements for payment/stipend.

2.  AVSAB will provide a questionnaire to be completed by the Student Chapter following presentation.

3.  After receiving the questionnaire, AVSAB will send payment/stipend directly to the speaker.

Find a speaker here.  Please contact [email protected] for further questions.

Student Chapter Service Award

AVSAB invites submission of applications for a Student Chapter Service Award. This award honors the student chapter that demonstrated the highest number of club meetings, educational activities, and individual involvement. The winning entry receives a check for $500 in US funds made out to the student group.  AVSAB student chapters should submit a detailed list of activities that the club and/or its members organized and attended between July 1st and August 1st of the current calendar year, including the following categories:

  • Behavior meetings that the club organized (e.g. field trips, lectures, wet labs for students and veterinarians)
  • Behavior meetings that club members attended (e.g. continuing education seminars at veterinary meetings, training seminars)
  • Community outreach and public education organized by the club or its members (e.g. volunteer activities, fund raisers, open house booth, training classes)
  • Volunteer activities of club members in the area of animal behavior (e.g. shelter programs, wildlife centers, pet visitation programs, grief counseling, open house booth, fund raisers)
  • Behavior research projects conducted by club members
  • Other relevant activities of the behavior club or its members.

The application must include the name and address of the chapter president and faculty adviser.  Send applications to: Louisa Beal, Student Chapter Liaison at

Application deadline: September 30th of each year.

Chapter Application and Renewal Guidelines

  1. Review and approve the Student Chapter Constitution and Bylaws
  2. Confirm advisor’s current AVSAB membership status
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Send an alphabetized membership list including full names, year of expected graduation and email addresses; and emails for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Chapter to   [email protected].
  5. Direct all questions and other correspondence to Louisa Beal, Student Chapter Liaison at [email protected].

Your Chapter will become active once you are approved.  Approval may take several weeks.  If you have questions, please contact our Executive Director at [email protected]

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