Membership FAQ

1. Who qualifies for Professional or Veterinary Technician membership?

All non specialty DVM, including those in general practice, veterinarians board certified in behavior, those in industry , government or education. The membership is primarily general practice veterinarians who gain knowledge and share information on preventing and intervening in behavior problems in their community.  DVM with special interest in behavior, including board diplomats in various veterinary specialties rounds out our membership to add to information, education and case discussion through the professional forum.

Starting in 2023, Veterinary technicians who have graduated from an AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) approved and accredited
college or school of veterinary technology, or any currently credentialed veterinary technician qualify for Membership.

2. How do I maintain my membership?

Annual dues payments is required for membership.

Affiliate FAQ

1. Who qualifies for affiliate membership?

Qualified applicants include those holding a doctoral (PhD) degree in animal behavior, or a related discipline, from an accredited college or university, or who meet the following exceptions:

  • those whose memberships were established prior to 2002, when affiliate status required graduate educational training in animal behavior or a related discipline from an accredited college or university
  • those whose memberships were established prior to 1986

2. I meet all of the qualifications for affiliate membership, how do I apply?

  1. Submit your current curriculum vitae (CV) to the Corresponding Secretary at [email protected]
  2. A majority vote by the Executive Board is required for acceptance of affiliate membership
  3. Once your membership is accepted, the Corresponding Secretary will contact you for dues payment if not already submitted

3. How do I maintain my membership?

Annual dues payment is required to maintain affiliate membership. If your membership lapses through non-payment of dues, you must reapply and meet the current requirements for membership as outlined in the Constitution and By-laws

Student FAQ

1. Who qualifies for student membership?

Veterinary medical students (those seeking a DVM or equivalent degree) at U.S and international schools, colleges, or universities. Starting in 2023, Veterinary Technician Students currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited program also qualify for Student Membership.

2. I was a student member but just graduated. How do I upgrade my membership to take advantage of regular member benefits?

Go to become a member page and click either professional or affiliate member (depending on your desired membership level). After purchasing, your membership will change over to the appropriate type.

3. We have a behavior club at our school. How do we apply for student chapter membership?

  1. Select an advisor who is a current AVSAB member. Advisors may be either regular or affiliate AVSAB members.
  2. Review the Student Constitution and Bylaws and then go to our membership page, select “student chapter application” and complete the Student Chapter Membership Application Form. You will then be redirected to the page where you can purchase a student chapter membership.
  3. Individual students can then sign up for an individual student membership and list their chapter name on their application.
  4. Direct all questions and other correspondence to [email protected].

How to renew your membership:

Auto Renewing Members

If you selected the option to automatically renew each year when you checked out, your membership will simply renew on the renewal date. You can find your renewal date on your my account page.

You will also receive a renewal notice 7 days prior to the date that your card is charged.

If you need to update your credit card information (for example it was lost or expired), navigate to the my account page and click the link to update your payment information.

Non auto renewing members

You can renew your membership at any point in advance of your expiration date by clicking on the my account page and hitting the “renew” link.

Repurchase your membership if it has expired

If your need to repurchase your membership after your membership has expired, login to the website using your login name (or email address) and your password (If you don’t know your password, you can hit the “lost your password?” link on the login page).

Once you login you will be taken to the membership levels page, where you can click on your previous membership level. Your account information and your personal information should be autofilled by the system. All you need to enter to renew your membership is your payment details.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected].

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