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Exclusive Forum Access

As a member, you have the opportunity to network and exchange information with veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary behaviorists, and applied animal behaviorists in our online forum.

Exclusive Community Access

All AVSB members have exclusive access to our private members area. You’ll have a private profile visible only to other members, the ability to “friend” other members, exchange messages, write on each other’s wall, and join (or form) public or private groups. Think of it as your own personal Facebook for animal behavior consultants.

Exclusive Clinical Animal Behavior Conference Proceedings Access

As a member, you are able to access the proceedings from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Scientific Symposia from 2002 – 2013.  From 2015 to present the proceedings from the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference hosted by AVSAB/AVBT/SVBT are accessible.

Access to Newsletter Archives

Enjoy access to AVSAB Newsletter from 2000 to present.  Follow the evolution of AVSAB and the field of animal behavior through time.

Listing in Our Veterinary and Affiliate member Behavior Consultants Directory

As a veterinary or affiliate member, you have the option to be listed in our online directory.  This is a location-based search directory available to the general public in our Resources section.
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Listing in Our Speakers Bureau Directory

If you are a veterinary or affiliate member who gives presentations on animal behavior, you can apply for inclusion into our Speakers Bureau.  This group was created as part of an effort to “get the word out” about what veterinarians and applied animal behaviorists have to offer pet owners and colleagues in the prevention and treatment of animal behavior problems.  AVSAB offers a $350 grant to local or state VMAs and a $350 grant to AVSAB student chapters to help offset the cost of the Speaker Bureau member’s presentation.
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Free Advertisement of Regional/Local Conferences in your Area

Take advantage of FREE advertisement for Regional/Local Conferences in your area by putting them on the AVSAB calendar.  For more information see our upcoming Seminars, Conferences and Lectures page.

Free Advertisement of Job Opportunities

Take advantage of posting job positions for FREE on the AVSAB website.  For more information, see Opportunities for Vets.

Discounts on Clinical Animal Behavior Conference Registration

As a member, you receive reduced cost of registration for the AVSAB/SVBT Clinical Animal Behavior Conference in Las Vegas.  This meeting offers you a unique educational opportunity, with lectures and clinical animal behavior lab sessions as well as the chance to personally interact with a wide range of professionals within the field.

Discount on Books Purchased Through Dogwise

All members receive a 10% discount on books purchased through Dogwise.

Wiley Discount Program

AVSAB members can now save 25% on all Wiley books. Wiley is a well-known book publisher and has a great selection.

VetVine Membership Discount

AVSAB members can save 40% or more on a VetVine Premium Membership and enjoy live webinar participation, view educational videos On Demand, and earn AAVSB RACE, NY State, and NJVMA-approved continuing education credits.

Discount on NEI Membership

AVSAB members are eligible for a discounted one year membership in the Neuroscience Education Institute. NEI is a medical education company which provides interactive CME to mental health clinicians and providers.

Ready to take advantage of these discounts? Visit our member discounts page to find out how to access these deals.

Questions about AVSAB Membership?

Have a question about membership? Read our membership FAQ.

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