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Intriguing Papers Presented at the Canine Science Conference 2017

The Canine Science Collaboratory, headed by Dr. Clive Wynne just finished its first Canine Science Conference in Phoenix Arizona.  Papers were presented by an international, interdisciplinary collection of speakers.  Presentations ranged from factors influencing behavior at the genetic and biochemical level, to observing interactions between individuals in

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20 Things you Didn’t Know about Catnip

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Catnip [Infographic]

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Understanding Canine Facial Expressions and Body Postures

I wrote previously about how we can interpret dogs’ tail wags to best determine whether they are happy, comfortable, nervous, or potentially aggressive. Because the tail is only one piece of a dog’s communication system, we must also consider facial expressions and overall body positioning to get

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Dogs’ Tails Tell Tales So Let’s Listen!

“But I don’t understand why she bit me, Doc! She was wagging her tail the whole time…” If I had a dog biscuit for every time I’ve heard this lament from a client, I could open up my own doggie bakery! From the time we were small,

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Job Posting: Staff Veterinarian-Behaviorist

Post Date 8/14/2017 Title Staff Veterinarian – Behaviorist Employment Type Full Time Work Hours/Days This is a full time, Exempt position with flexible hours. Location MSPCA Headquarters Description The Angell Animal Medical Center (AAMC) is seeking applicants for a position for a Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist who will

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How to best introduce and utilize the crate

I worked with a client recently who had just adopted a young dog from a shelter. She had been advised to use the crate but was reluctant. She described it as many clients have over the years by saying “I hate to crate him while I am

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Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: The 2001 Project

In the most recent CAAB Chat, available for registration now… Dating back to the advent of professional dog training, trainers have argued over methods. The field has resisted regulation throughout its entire history, although recently a handful of states and/or municipalities have started to venture into those

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Socialization is more than mere exposure

Anyone who has acquired a puppy is likely to have heard that they must socialize extensively during the first year of life. “Bring your puppy with you on outings,” owners are told, “to the park, on city streets, through neighborhoods. Introduce your puppy to cars and bikes

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Young foals show similar learning abilities to their older counterparts

Researchers Elena Martinez de Andino and Sue McDonnell found that the abilities of younger foals, aged six weeks to three months, were similar to those aged three to five months when it came to operant learning. Read more here:    

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A dog’s least favorite holiday?

As 4th of July approaches, Dr. Megan Maxwell, CAAB, discusses some strategies for dealing with many dogs’ least favorite holiday. “Crash! Whistle! Boom!” Every year on July 4th, people across the country gather to observe magnificent fireworks displays. They dazzle and excite us, causing our heart to

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