The Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians is launching a new state of the art website in early September.  The current web site is still online, but has been downsized in preparation.  SVBT also now has its own private Facebook group where members can ask questions, share information and hold discussions on a variety of topics.

Additionally, SVBT is seeking nominees for their Board of Directors and various committees.  Although the BOD and Committee chairs must be professional members, committee members may be from any membership level. Officers and committee members have an opportunity to facilitate the growth and development of behavior as part of the veterinary medical team.  If you know of any SVBT member who may be interested in using their talents to further the society’s mission, please share this information with them.

SVBT offers monthly webinars for anyone seeking to learn more about various aspects of animal behavior.  The goal is to provide an accurate and informative source for technicians and other veterinary staff. AVSAB or DACVB members interested in presenting a one hour webinar on any behavior topic, should email: [email protected]  for additional information.

The Academy of Veterinary Behavior Technicians has received NINE letters of intent from veterinary technicians seeking to become candidates for the next AVBT examination to be held in 2016.  We hope this signals that AVBT and the VTS (Behavior) is gaining recognition as an important part of the veterinary medical team. Many technicians have contacted AVBT to inquire on how to start working toward certification.

AVBT is in the process of updating its website. There will be expanded pages about the Academy and the various projects we are involved in.  We are also exploring the development of additional paths for technicians seeking to become members.

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