Train your dog: a new dog training book

Upcoming Book Publication: Train your Dog Now!

From Simon and Schuster publishing company:

The forthcoming book Train Your Dog Now! Your Instant Training Handbook, from Basic Commands to Behavior Fixes by Jennifer L. Summerfield, DVM CPDT-KA (March 6, 2018), presents an effective, new way to train a dog, with bite-sized instructions to help owners teach their dogs the most important and necessary skills, such as:

Curbing Destructive Chewing
Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People
Stop Pulling on the Leash
Curb Excessive Barking

Jen’s advice covers virtually every problem a pet parent might want to address –from training their dog to sit or come when called, to teaching him to stand calmly for nail trims, and teeth brushing.

Jennifer on writing the book, “The book draws on my experience working with a wide variety of client-owned dogs as a practicing veterinarian and professional dog trainer. The training techniques used are exclusively positive and science-based, and are appropriate for any dog regardless of breed or personality. Because the book is organized by topic each entry is designed for quick implementation of the recommended plan.”

The author’s blog is here:

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