With Guest Chatters Ms. Sharon Madere, CHBC and Ms. Nancy Williams, M.A., RVT, ACAAB

It’s one thing to work with aggression in dogs.  People can be seriously injured.  It’s quite another to work with an animal that weighs over 1000 pounds and has a much greater potential to kill you than dogs do.

What this means for people who work with aggression in horses is that there is a much smaller, if any, margin for error.  It means safety plans have to be created proactively including ones that prevent a horse from engaging in behaviors that could result in serious or lethal injuries to people.   It means that you have to know what’s likely to trigger aggression, how to elicit non-aggressive behaviors and how to “read” horses to be able to predict their intentions.

In this CAAB Chat you’ll be treated to the pleasure of hearing from Ms. Sharon Madere who, in cooperation with the owner, changed a biting, kicking, dangerous horse into one that took first place in the Musical Presentation (Initiate Phase) at The Baroque Equestrian Games.

Sharon will take us through this case history, and one of the most thorough behavior reports we’ve ever read.

Whether you work with horses or not, the examples of Sharon’s creative applications of learning principles and behavior modification techniques will open your mind to new possibilities for how to work with aggression, regardless of species.

Sharon will be joined by Ms. Nancy Williams, M.A, RVT, ACAAB who has trained horses professionally.

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