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Why Does My Dog Bite Me When He Approaches Me to Be Petted?

A recent blog post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, written by Dr. Emily Levine.

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Research Paper Summary: Behavioral Assessment of Child-Directed Canine Aggression

A brief report titled Behavioral Assessment of Child-Directed Canine Aggression by Reisner, Shofer, and Nance (2007) provides some demographic data on child-directed dog bites that include bite circumstances and dog characteristics. In their 2007 paper titled Behavioral Assessment of Child-Directed Canine Aggression, Reisner et al. report case

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Video Clip: Visual Warning Signs in Child-Dog Interactions

In this video from The Family Dog, a series of photos exemplify well some of the subtler body language and facial expression indicators of tension and avoidance in dogs interacting with children.

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Canine Chin Rest Behavior video

Dog trainer Laura Monaco Torelli shares a training video for teaching a chin rest that can be used during veterinary exams for ear care and injections.

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Do your dog’s rights begin where my child’s rights end?

In this blog post from Psychology Today’s Decoding Your Pet series, Dr. Lisa Radosta presents her opinion on using children in a dog’s training or counterconditioning program.

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Product Review: Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App

The Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App- created by Animal Connected Inc. (Link: Review by Dr. Amy Pike, and Alexa Pike (age 6) This app was designed to teach children and parents how to recognize aggressive body postures in dogs in order to prevent dog bites. The

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Behavior Problems in Geriatric Pets

Aging pets often suffer a decline in cognitive function (eg, memory, learning, perception, awareness) likely associated with age-dependent brain alterations. Clinically, cognitive dysfunction may result in various behavioral signs, including disorientation; forgetting of previously learned behaviors, such as house training; alterations in the manner in which the

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The Blue Dog Project

The Blue Dog Trust was formed as a not-for -profit organisation in the UK on 13th November 2005. This website has a wealth of information for the whole family from choosing the right dog to being a responsible dog owner.  There is a teacher’s toolbox so this

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