The Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App- created by Animal Connected Inc.

Review by Dr. Amy Pike, and Alexa Pike (age 6)

This app was designed to teach children and parents how to recognize aggressive body postures in dogs in order to prevent dog bites. The first section (which is free to download) is an “Anxiety Test”. There, you meet “Bud” the avatar, who demonstrates what a dog might look like when placed in various scenarios. Once you pass all levels of the test, you can unlock (cost 1.99) “How to React” which is a series of multiple choice questions asking how you should respond in different situations. Once you answer, Bud then measures your answer from “not likely to bite” (Great!) to “biting” (Uh oh!). This game is a fun way to look at a very serious problem and in my opinion should be marketed to teachers, parents and pediatricians as another strategy to teach kids and parents to read dog body language. Although some of the multiple choice answers are a bit long or confusing, overall the game was fun and informative. Its available for Apple or Android devices. And according to Alexa “The dog bite game is really fun. I love seeing if Bud likes my answers or if he is going to bite me because of something I did. I want to play this game every night before bed.”

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