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Book Review: Animal Madness

Animal Madness Book Review Author Laurel Braitman has a fresh perspective on animal psychology. Her PhD work is in History of Science and she provides interesting historical context for the early days of mental illness diagnoses in animals, and the development of modern-day psychopharmacology. She gets her

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Lapse It app review

Videotaping is a great way to identify if a patient is responding to treatment, especially with separation anxiety and storm/noise phobias. Unfortunately many people do not have a video camera or the ability to convert the video to send to their veterinarian. There is an inexpensive application

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Product Review: Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App

The Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App- created by Animal Connected Inc. (Link: Review by Dr. Amy Pike, and Alexa Pike (age 6) This app was designed to teach children and parents how to recognize aggressive body postures in dogs in order to prevent dog bites. The

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Interactive Dog Toys Review

Certified Pet Dog Trainer Pat Miller throws a Paw Lickers Puzzle Party and lets some dogs test out a series of new interactive puzzle toys designed by Sweden’s Nina Ottosson (including the Dog Tornado, the Dog Smart, the Dog Pyramid, the Dog Spinny, and more). She provides

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Book Review: Vet Clinics of N. America: Small Animal Practice “Behavior: A Guide For Practitioners”

Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice “Behavior: A Guide For Practitioners” with guest editors, Dr. Gary Landsberg and Dr. Valarie Tynes (Link to: Review by Dr. Amy Pike In May of 2014, Elsevier published their quarterly compilation of clinical review articles which focused solely

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Product Review: Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl

The Brake Fast Bowl (Link: Review by Dr. Leslie Sinn, Behavior Resident The Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl comes in small (1.5 cup capacity), medium (5 cup capacity) and large (8 cup capacity).  The bowl contains 3 posts that force dogs to manipulate around the columns to

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Article Summary: Behavioral Differences among Breeds of Domestic Dogs

Article Summary: Mehrkam, L. R., & Wynne, C. D. L. (2014). Behavioral differences among breeds of domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris): Current state of the science. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 155, 12-27. A recent review paper by Lindsay Mehrkam and Clive Wynne summarizes well the state of

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