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Product Review: Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl

The Brake Fast Bowl (Link:

Review by Dr. Leslie Sinn, Behavior Resident

The Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl comes in small (1.5 cup capacity), medium (5 cup capacity) and large (8 cup capacity).  The bowl contains 3 posts that force dogs to manipulate around the columns to reach food, slowing down the speed at which they can eat and encouraging them to take smaller bites.  The bowl is available in steel or recycled plastic and is dishwasher safe. The bowl is useful in providing a more interactive experience during mealtime for dogs and for slowing down dogs that bolt their food.  I have used it to help even out the speed at which dogs in multiple dog households consume their meals and to slow down food consumption rate for food guarding dogs especially in situations where the owners have felt obligated to intervene.  I find that these bowls can be a very useful addition to our behavior toolbox.  Here is a quote from a recent client e-mail:  “Wow – this worked wonderfully for Derwood!  Really slowed him down – thanks for the suggestion!”

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