Videotaping is a great way to identify if a patient is responding to treatment, especially with separation anxiety and storm/noise phobias. Unfortunately many people do not have a video camera or the ability to convert the video to send to their veterinarian.

There is an inexpensive application called “Lapse-it” available for both android and apple products. To get the full version it is $1.99 for apple products in the itunes store.

This is less expensive than a video camera and the quality is pretty good, but really dependent on the device’s camera optics. “Lapse-it” takes photographs at intervals of 1 second or greater. The free version records for about 5 minutes. The paid version will continue to take pictures as long as there is storage on the device. I have recorded at 20 second intervals for 8 hours while the device was plugged in. The app then creates a video from the photographs that can be edited for time.

The application itself is pretty easy to use even for people that are not tech savvy. Overall, this is an easy, inexpensive way to monitor pets.

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