The Canine Science Collaboratory, headed by Dr. Clive Wynne just finished its first Canine Science Conference in Phoenix Arizona.  Papers were presented by an international, interdisciplinary collection of speakers.  Presentations ranged from factors influencing behavior at the genetic and biochemical level, to observing interactions between individuals in groups.

In this chat Dr. Suzanne Hetts, Dr. Mindy Waite and Dr. Karen London will share with you the research papers they found most interesting, significant, intriguing, and/or well done.  The explosion of research about dogs and their welfare, their genomes, domestication history, how they learn best, how their brains work, and the nature of their social relationships is just astounding.  It’s getting harder and harder to keep up, and to claim to be “science based” when each of us is familiar, at best, with only a tiny slice of the scientific knowledge that is being added to exponentially, it seems.

Join us for this CAABChat which will help catch you up on the absolute cutting edge research from the top experts in the field. Presentations from the conference included:

  • Effect of Rabbit Maternal Pheromone During a Simulated Thunderstorm (Glenna PIrner)
  • The Validity of a Fake Dog for Assessing Dog Sociability (Pamela Reid)
  • Present Pitfalls but Promising Potential of Behavioral Evaluation in Shelters (Clive Wynne) which was a counter point to Janis Bradley’s presentation “No Better Than Flipping a Coin: Reconsidering Canine Behavior Evaluations in Animal Shelters
  • Inhibitory Control in Pet Dogs (Alizee Vernouillet)
  • What Does Man’s Best Friend See In Us?  Preference for Different Humans and Human Interactions (Erica Feuerbacher)

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