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Trainers Ring Spring 2017

Welcome back to the Trainers Ring! This time around, we’ll be talking about puppies. With summer break coming up, many families are preparing to bring home a new puppy while the kids are out of school for a few months. Here are tips for families to best prepare for the new four-legged addition.

Before the puppy comes home:

Preparation checklist:

Once the puppy is home:


Puppy mouthing:

Basic training:


Navigating adolescence:

Surviving the teenage years:

 Remember, puppies are not blank slates. Nature and nurture go hand-in-hand when it comes to who a puppy will be as an adult. Genetics are just as important as socialization, which many people do not realize when picking out a new puppy. Read more about how genetics and environment work together:

For those of you bringing home a new puppy, good luck! For those of you helping to train the families with new puppies, good luck as well! Puppies can be a handful, but the lifelong bond is completely worth it.

Happy training,

Juliana Willems



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