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Food Aggression in Shelter Dogs

From the Tufts University Center for Shelter Dogs blog, Dr. Amy Marder, DMV, CAAB, shares some comments about research on food aggression in shelter dogs.

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Don’t Spook your Pet this Halloween!

As cooler breezes send auburn leaves fluttering to the ground and kids adorn pumpkins with toothy Jack-o-Lantern grins, many of our pets are gearing up for one of their least favorite holidays. Now, any dog worth his salt could tell you that 4th of July is clearly

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“Science Friday!”: Research Paper Review

Dr. Maxwell summarizes and reviews a recent paper published in The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science titled “Effects of Caregiver-Implemented Aggression Reduction Procedure on Problem Behavior of Dogs” Full Reference: Echterling-Savage, K., DiGennaro Reed, F.D., Miller, L.K., & Savage, S. (2015). Effects of Caregiver-Implemented Aggression Reduction

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Separation Anxiety: The Great Imitator, Part 4

A conclusion to the 4-part series on differentials for separation anxiety, in which predatory behavior is considered.

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It Makes No Sense to Punish a Fearful Dog

Dr. Ilana Reisner argues that the use of positive punishment to treat fearful behavior is problematic and recommends differential (positive) reinforcement based methods instead.

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Article Summary: A Quick Assessment Tool for Human-Directed Aggression in Pet Dogs

Article Summary: Klausz, B., Kis, A., Persa, E., Miklosi, A., & Gacsi, M. (2014). A Quick Assessment Tool for Human-Directed Aggression in Pet Dogs. Aggressive Behavior, 40, 178-188. Stranger-directed aggression is among the most common behavior problems exhibited by pet dogs. Although several assessment protocols have been

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Myth: Anxiety Medication Should Only be used as a Last Resort

This interesting blog on the use of anxiety medicine can be found at this link.

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Treat or not to treat: that is the question

All behavioural issues need to be dealt with on an individual basis but there are issues that must be discussed for each case. As veterinarians, we see many clients whose animals need assistance with their behaviour problems.  These can range from inappropriate elimination to anxiety and aggression. 

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Drug Monitoring

Dr. Elizabeth Feltes has shared how she empowers owners so they can be an integral part of drug monitoring in their animals. As a veterinarian who sees a full-time behavior case load, obtaining client updates on medications is a huge part of my follow-up care. Drug monitoring

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