With Guest Chatters Emma Grigg, Ph.D., CAAB and Tammy Donaldson, Ph.D., CAAB

“In writing this book, Tammy and I wanted to provide an easy-to- use resource for dog owners or guardians who want to provide the best possible lives for their dogs, have questions that need answers, and who want to be secure in the knowledge that their choices for their canine charges are based on the best available scientific information.

What do our dogs really need to have a good quality of life; what do our dogs really need to be happy?  And, what does “happy” mean, from a dog’s perspective?  Each chapter in the book covers a different aspect of living and working with dogs, and includes an overview of the current state of the science in that topic area, along with the practical applications of this information (i.e., “How do I use this information in the real world, with my own dog?”).

When relevant, we address common misconceptions about the topic, and review where the science weighs in on those debates.  Although we do occasionally cite our own published research and experiences, our primary goal for this book was that the information and advice contained within it is supported by the latest scientific research on dogs and dog behavior.  For this reason, the book is first and foremost based on a vast amount of information provided by a broad variety of well-respected researchers and dog experts.”

For more information and to register, visit http://caabchats.com/the-science-behind-a-happy-dog-canine-training-thinking-and-behavior/

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