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New Article: How Clicker Training Works

A paper was published this month in Applied Animal Behaviour Science in which authors summarize the origins and various hypotheses about the function and utility of clicker training. Full text of this article, How clicker training works: Comparing Reinforcing, Marking, and Bridging Hypotheses, by Lynna Feng, Tiffani Howell,

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A New Treatment for Dogs Scared by Thunder and Fireworks

In this post from The New York Times, veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists discuss options for addressing dogs’ fear of thunder and fireworks.

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In this excerpt from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, Dr. Emily Levine, DVM, DACVB discusses the proper role of the dog leash.

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Why Does My Dog Bite Me When He Approaches Me to Be Petted?

A recent blog post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, written by Dr. Emily Levine.

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How to Introduce Cats

This piece by Lynn Miller for PetMD includes tips on how to introduce a new cat to a resident cat from Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Megan Maxwell and others.

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Have you taken your dog for a sniff today?

A recent blog post from Dr. Patricia McConnell, CAAB, on the importance of letting your dog stop to smell the roses!

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Social Conflict between Household Cats

Dr. Debra Horwitz contributes the most recent blog post to Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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Steroids Can Change Your Dog’s Behavior

Dr. Emily Levine summarizes findings from a recent study demonstrating behavioral effects of steroids in dogs. See the AVSAB blog post from November 12, 2015 for the full abstract of this study.

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Food Aggression in Shelter Dogs

From the Tufts University Center for Shelter Dogs blog, Dr. Amy Marder, DMV, CAAB, shares some comments about research on food aggression in shelter dogs.

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Risk Analysis of Behavior Problems: Animal Factors, 2

Dr. Melissa Bain continues her discussion of risk factors for behavior problems in this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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