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Steroids Can Change Your Dog’s Behavior

Dr. Emily Levine summarizes findings from a recent study demonstrating behavioral effects of steroids in dogs. See the AVSAB blog post from November 12, 2015 for the full abstract of this study.

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Food Aggression in Shelter Dogs

From the Tufts University Center for Shelter Dogs blog, Dr. Amy Marder, DMV, CAAB, shares some comments about research on food aggression in shelter dogs.

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“Science Friday!”: Noise sensitivity in 17 dog breeds

Dr. Megan Maxwell summarizes a recent survey study in which researchers examined owner-reported noise sensitivities across various dog breeds. Storengen, L. M., & Lingaas, F. (2015). Noise sensitivity in 17 breeds: Prevalence, breed risk and correlation with fear in other situations. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 171, 152-160.

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Abstract: Behavioural changes in dogs treated with corticosteroids

Research conducted by Notari, Burman, and Mills links corticosteroid treatment with important behavioral changes in dogs. The study was published this month in the journal Physiology & Behavior (Vol. 151, pp. 609-616) and the study’s abstract is presented here. In human medicine, psychiatric side effects among patients

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Don’t Let your Dog be a Bumpus Hound!

If you are a fan of the 1983 holiday classic A Christmas Story, you may well remember little Ralphie dreaming of receiving from Santa his very own Red Ryder B.B. gun, amidst shaking heads and repeated admonitions from the adults around him that he will surely shoot

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Appropriate Play Between Dogs

I have had many clients over the years who complain that they are concerned or embarrassed about their dog’s behavior when playing with other dogs. Some dogs are constantly biting the necks or backs of other dogs, chasing in “dogged” pursuit when the other dog seems to

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Excessive Barking Part 2: How do I stop my dog from barking?

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, Dr. Liz Stelow follows up on her assessment of canine barking with a quick overview of some common strategies for reducing it.

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Addressing Fear of Thunderstorms with Systematic Desensitization

Crash! Boom! Bang! Addressing Fear of Thunderstorms with Systematic Desensitization Every year as thunderstorm season rolls around, I get a flood of calls from concerned dog owners whose beloved pooches are chewing through beds, clawing at crates, or drenching themselves in drool while the thunder booms and

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Excessive Barking Part 1: Why Does my Dog Bark?

In this post from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, Dr. Liz Stelow discusses some of the functions or causes of excessive barking in dogs.

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Fall 2015 Trainers Ring

Fall is in the air! One of the most beautiful times of the year is right around the corner.  A time filled with change and an abundance of color. Mother Nature has a lovely way of communicating. Of telling various species of animals and plants that its

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