Product Review: Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App

The Dog Bite Prevention Strategy App- created by Animal Connected Inc. (Link: Review by Dr. Amy Pike, and Alexa Pike (age 6) This app was designed to teach children and parents how to recognize aggressive body postures in dogs in order to prevent dog bites. The first section...

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Facing fear head on: Tips for veterinarians to create a more behavior-centered practice

In part 2 of this series, we equip veterinary teams to assess and alleviate fear during veterinary visits to build a more positive patient experience and stronger pet-owner relationships. If you’re not conducting routine evaluations for common behavior problems, you’re not alone. Taking a proactive approach to behavior is...

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Article Summary: A Quick Assessment Tool for Human-Directed Aggression in Pet Dogs

Article Summary: Klausz, B., Kis, A., Persa, E., Miklosi, A., & Gacsi, M. (2014). A Quick Assessment Tool for Human-Directed Aggression in Pet Dogs. Aggressive Behavior, 40, 178-188. Stranger-directed aggression is among the most common behavior problems exhibited by pet dogs. Although several assessment protocols have been designed to...

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Dr. Karen Overall's reactive dog Missy Rose Part 3

In this blog post from Psychology Today’s Decoding Your Pet series, Dr. Karen Overall discusses the prenatal and perinatal variables that can influence dog behavior, using her own dog as a case example. Read this post here: To read Parts 1 and 2 of this series, see the AVSAB...

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