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Sexual differentiation of pheromone processing

Sexual differentiation of pheromone processing: Links to male-typical mating behavior and partner preference Abstract:  Phoenix et al. (Phoenix et al., 1959) were the first to propose an essential role of fetal testosterone exposure in the sexual differentiation of the capacity of mammals to display male-typical mating behavior.

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Breaking up a dog fight

The AVMA interviewed Dr. Bonnie Beaver DACVB on how to break up a dog fight during this podcast. Summary from AVMA website: “Dogs, for the most part, are good at getting along and avoiding confrontation. But occasionally, as with people, fights can break out between them. Whether

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Canadian Parrot Symposium

While surfing the internet for blogging ideas, I came across this compilation of information. Common Pitfalls Encountered When Modifying Avian Behavior by Chris Davis Understanding Companion Bird Behavior: A New Paradigm Behavior Modification to Enhance the Human/Pet Parrot Relationship by Chris Davis Demystifying Pet Bird Behavior by

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Canine Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is distressful for owners and their dogs. n this article on separation anxiety by Dr. Ilana Reisner, she goes over how to successfully treat this mental health disorder. Canine Separation Anxiety

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Claw and Order

Tips from Dr. Bonnie Beaver on how to handle cats’ natural scratching behaviour (that may not be in the most appropriate areas for the humans). Summary from the AVMA pod cast: Destructive behavior, such as scratching furniture, is one of the leading reasons people give up on

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PTSD in Military dogs

This is a podcast where Dr. Walter Burghardt DACVB  is interviewed about PTSD. Summary (from the Talking Animals podcast): Dr. Walter Burghardt, Jr.–veterinarian, chief of behavioral medicine since 1995 at the Daniel E. Holland Military Working Dog Hospital at Lackland Air Force Base, and considered the leading

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Human Perception of Fear in Dogs Varies According to Experience with Dogs

Several recent studies have investigated the role of experience on interpretations of emotion in dogs. Due to their unique relationship with humans, dogs are a prime candidate for such investigations. Abstract To investigate the role of experience in humans’ perception of emotion using canine visual signals, we

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Welfare in Dog Training

This is a UK based website with excellent information for everyone on dog behaviour, training and how to get appropriate advise. Summary: “The aim of this web-site is to provide the media and members of the public with more information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible

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Cat Behaviour Described

Excellent website resource on cat behaviour. Summary from the Cat Behaviour Described website: For people working with cats either professionally (for example vets, vet nurses, cattery owners and researchers) or as carers within the home environment, understanding cat behaviour is critical. For this reason colleagues in the

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Healthy pet-child relationships

It is always important that we, as veterinarians, appropriately advise clients on the best ways for them to introduce their pets and children. Dr. Laurie Bergman DACVB  has written two articles for  One is “Ensuring a behaviorally healthy pet-child relationship“.  The other is a handout for

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