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Round table discussion on avian behavior

The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery published a round table discussion on avian behavior. In the field of avian behavior, there isn’t the same abundance of information available for veterinarians and clients.  The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery published a round table discussion on behavior. 

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Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic

The Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic has some information on their website on preventing dog and cat problem behaviours. Preventing canine behavior problems Barking Biting Exercise and Environmental Enrichment Neutering and Spaying Outdoor Confinement Social Behavior Stealing Training Crate Training House Training Weight Management in Dogs Preventing feline

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Ready…Set…for Groomer and Vet

Visiting the veterinarian’s office can be a tense experience, for both the owner and the dog, especially if the environment has stressful associations and outcomes.  In this article by Laura Monaco Torelli, she gives a number of tips of how to make visits a fun experience. Link

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Creating Behaviorally Stable Dogs

Dr. Margaret Duxbury has written an article on the breeder’s role in producing behaviorally sound dogs. Simply put, behavior is inherited.  Multiple genes and environmental factors are involved in influencing the expression in an individual.  Breeders have a responsibility to only breed the most behaviourally sound animals. 

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The Center for Shelter Dogs

Behavioral issues are a leading cause of relinquishment of animals.  Resources are available for shelters to help them in treating these problems. Maddie’s Institute have put together a series of videos by Dr. Sheila Segurson d’Arpino DACVB, Senior Applied Animal Behaviorist for the Center for Shelter Dogs

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Cats Just Wanna Have Fun!

Marilyn Krieger has written an article for the Animal Behavior Resources Institue on the importance of environmental enrichment for cats. Many cat owners are keeping their cats indoors now.  We must come up with a variety of ways to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.  Marilyn Krieger

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Compilation of housetraining tips for puppies

Although it is best for people not to give puppies as gifts at Christmas, we know it will happen.  I’ve gathered these articles that you can have clients, friends and/or family read as tips to make this part of puppy raising as easy as possible for everyone.

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When we know better, we need to do better

In this blog, I would like to highlight two articles by Dr. Karen Overall DACVB that were written for  Dumbed down by dominance, Part 1 and 2. These articles force the reader to think critically.  We are inundated with information in the popular media that when

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Dante Meows Too Much

This blog by Dr. Sophia Yin describes how she taught her cat, Dante, to stop meowing after he’d had a wonderful romp outside and wanted to go back out. Link to Dr. Sophia Yin’s blog

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Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs

Since our dogs are living longer and healthier lives, there is a greater chance we will need to monitor our patients for canine cognitive dysfunction. The chances that a dog will develop canine cognitive dysfunction increases with age.  One important thing  to consider is that it is

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