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Crazy in the Car!

Coco was a Standard Poodle I worked with several years ago. Spunky yet regal, Coco was a delight to her owners. She had excelled in her basic obedience class and was responsive in the home and community on a variety of commands. She was friendly with strangers

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CAAB Chat Webinar: Preview of Public Day at Animal Behavior Society

This year, the topic for Public Day at the ABS Meeting at the University of Missouri is “Animals Helping in Society.”  For this CAAB Chat, you’ll be treated to a preview of Public Day presentations from some of the speakers. You’ll be hearing from Dr. Robin Foster,

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New Article: How Clicker Training Works

A paper was published this month in Applied Animal Behaviour Science in which authors summarize the origins and various hypotheses about the function and utility of clicker training. Full text of this article, How clicker training works: Comparing Reinforcing, Marking, and Bridging Hypotheses, by Lynna Feng, Tiffani Howell,

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CAAB Chat Webinar: Principles For and Discussion About Cooperative Training

The most recent CAAB Chat with guest Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB, is now available. Whether you are a pet owner confused by all the conflicting training information you’re getting, a novice or intermediate trainer looking for direction when formulating training plans, or an experienced trainer or behavior

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A New Treatment for Dogs Scared by Thunder and Fireworks

In this post from The New York Times, veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists discuss options for addressing dogs’ fear of thunder and fireworks.

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Dogs from Animal Hoarding Homes, Part 2

In Part 1, we met Bella, the Golden Retriever who’d been adopted from an animal hoarding home and was exhibiting fearful behavior, unable to enjoy many of the situations associated with living in a home with new people. I introduced readers to my Five P’s – five

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Underlying medical conditions in cats with presumptive psychogenic alopecia.

This study published in 2006 can serve as a reminder to rule out underlying medical conditions before diagnosing cases of feline psychogenic alopecia. From the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, in June, 2006, Volume 228(11): pp. 1705-9. Underlying medical conditions in cats with presumptive psychogenic

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In this excerpt from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series, Dr. Emily Levine, DVM, DACVB discusses the proper role of the dog leash.

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Proposed Amendments for Annual Meeting Location

ARTICLE III 1. The annual meeting will be held for the transaction of business. Scientific papers related to veterinary ethology and behavioral medicine will be presented at the meeting. A general meeting of the members shall be held each year. At least every other year, this meeting

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The Trainers Ring

Welcome back to the Trainer’s Ring. We made it through another winter season. For some of us, cooler-weather activities included fun adventures with the animals’ in our lives. For others, the winter season meant our attention was focused on other responsibilities. One thing is for sure; this

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