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Veterinary Behavior Symposium: Experts Answer Pet Behavior Questions

CHICAGO, IL. — These reader pet behavior questions were answered by experts from around the world attending the Veterinary Behavior Symposium July 19 in Chicago, just prior to the 150th Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Members of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and

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Video: Pointers for laser pointers

Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (feline practice), discusses the right—and the wrong—way for clients to use laser pointers to exercise their cats. Link to Dr M Scherk’s video on how to properly play with your cat using a laser pointer.

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Dog and Cat Behavior During Fireworks, Thunderstorms

Blog written by Dr Meredith Stepita DACVB on fireworks and thunderstorms. Link to blog Dog and Cat Behavior during Fireworks, Thunderstorms by Dr Stepita.

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Dr. Sophia Yin’s video “How to train a cat”

In “How to Train a Cat to Sit”, learn how easy it is to train a kitten.  By training your cat to sit, you will be teaching him to be calm and polite for whatever he wants, rather than jumping, clawing, or meowing. Link to Dr. Sophia

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CE Opportunity!

Are you still routinely scruffing cats, stretching them out for jugular venipuncture, and using leather gloves for the ones hissing at the back of the cage? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Learn how everything you do — from the way you set up the

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Agonistic behavior and environmental enrichment of cats communally housed in a shelter

Abstract: Objective—To evaluate the presence of a dominance rank in a group of cats and the relation between agonistic behavior and the use of resources, including environmental enrichment, in these cats. Design—Observational analytic study. Animals—27 neutered cats in a shelter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Procedures—The cats were

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Claw and Order

Tips from Dr. Bonnie Beaver on how to handle cats’ natural scratching behaviour (that may not be in the most appropriate areas for the humans). Summary from the AVMA pod cast: Destructive behavior, such as scratching furniture, is one of the leading reasons people give up on

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Human Perception of Fear in Dogs Varies According to Experience with Dogs

Several recent studies have investigated the role of experience on interpretations of emotion in dogs. Due to their unique relationship with humans, dogs are a prime candidate for such investigations. Abstract To investigate the role of experience in humans’ perception of emotion using canine visual signals, we

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Cat Behaviour Described

Excellent website resource on cat behaviour. Summary from the Cat Behaviour Described website: For people working with cats either professionally (for example vets, vet nurses, cattery owners and researchers) or as carers within the home environment, understanding cat behaviour is critical. For this reason colleagues in the

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Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic

The Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic has some information on their website on preventing dog and cat problem behaviours. Preventing canine behavior problems Barking Biting Exercise and Environmental Enrichment Neutering and Spaying Outdoor Confinement Social Behavior Stealing Training Crate Training House Training Weight Management in Dogs Preventing feline

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