Hello everyone! My name is Brittany Thomas. I am a licensed veterinary technician at Animal Medical Center of Middletown in Louisville, Kentucky. I am currently working on transitioning the practice to become more Fear Free. I teach puppy socialization classes, and am currently studying to become a veterinary technician specialist in behavior. I am honored and excited to be writing in the AVSAB Newsletter.

One thing that I have noticed going into the specialty of behavior is that the majority of the cases involves canines. What about our feline companions? They need socialization, enrichment, training, and a stronger bond with their owners too. So for this month’s newsletter I would like to focus on setting our feline companions up for success. Listed below are some links that I think will help get our feline pet owners off to a great start in enriching their relationship.

My article entitled “A HOME FOR CATS: WHY FOOD, WATER, AND A LITTERBOX ISN’T ENOUGH” can be found in the Spring edition of the AVSAB newsletter. Here are some other links for more information about our feline friends!


SVBT updates and events:

The New SVBT website should be launching by mid-March. The new website will give members access to video in demand versions of past webinars, job inquiry forms, continuing education and much more.

SVBT also now has a private Facebook Forum for its Professional members. This forum can be used to meet and network with other technicians who are working toward their VTS (Behavior) certification.

Upcoming webinars include: Calm Cooperation-The Key to Safety and Efficiency for Equine Vets (April 3, 2016. The speaker for this webinar is Sharon Madere)

And SAVE THE DATE: The Clinical Animal Behavior Conference will be held on December 9- 11th of 2016 at the Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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