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What doggy tail-chasing may reveal about our own OCD

Here’s another reason to love a dog: our best friend is helping scientists identify the genetic variations that may lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in people, according to new research. Because the human and canine versions are often similar — dogs may lick their paws to the

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How Do I Train Proper Play Skills Faster?

Click here for Dr. Sophia Yin’s blog on how to help your dog play better with other dogs.

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Dog Park People blog by The Science Dog

“Dog Parks are a relatively new cultural phenomenon, and have increased in both number and popularity over the last 15 years. It is an understatement to say that people are rather polarized in their views of dog parks. Advocates maintain that these designated areas provide invaluable opportunities

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Problem Scratching And How To Stop It

Many owners wonder sometimes if it’s at all possible to have a cat and nice furniture at the same house. When cats cause damage to furniture some owners can get so frustrated they turn to declawing the cat or even getting rid of her.  These drastic measures

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Dr. Sophia Yin’s interview with Dr. Susan Schneider

In this blog by Dr. Sophia Yin, she interviews Dr. Susan Schneider about her new book called “The Science of Consequences: How they affect genes, change the brain and affect our world. How Consequences Affect Our Body, Brain, and Behavior: A New Book Reveals All  Link to

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What not to Err

Compliation of information from a talk by Kathy Sdao.

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Journal Scan: Assessing the risk of parvovirus infection in puppies attending socialization classes

Summary of paper by Dr Jennifer Garcia for Here is the paper that is being referred to and the abstract can be found by clicking on the link.  Stepita ME, Bain MJ, Kass PH. Frequency of CPV infection in vaccinated puppies that attended puppy socialization classes.

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Happy Cows

Nice video of cows who were let out of the barn on a farm in Germany after a long winter.

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Santino in School: Part 6 Nail Trims

Making nail trims easy and fun!

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Video: What Tail Wagging Means to Other Dogs

From Science mag: “When your dog wags his tail, you probably think he’s happy. And he is, if he’s swinging it to the right; but if he’s wagging to the left, he’s likely anxious—a difference that scientists detected 6 years ago. But what about other dogs: Can

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