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Abstract: Behavioural changes in dogs treated with corticosteroids

Research conducted by Notari, Burman, and Mills links corticosteroid treatment with important behavioral changes in dogs. The study was published this month in the journal Physiology & Behavior (Vol. 151, pp. 609-616) and the study’s abstract is presented here. In human medicine, psychiatric side effects among patients

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Patient Like the Chipmunks: The Story of Animal Behavior Enterprises

This video provides an excellent history of the work of Keller and Marion Breland, early behavioral psychologists who pioneered the field of applied animal behavior and training. Complete with original video footage and narrated by Bob Bailey, this video takes viewers through the processes of operant and

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“Science Friday!”: Comparison of stress experienced by cats examined in a clinic vs home setting

In Press: Nibblett, B. M., Ketzis, J. K., & Grigg, E. K. (2015). Comparison of stress experienced by cats examined in a clinic versus a home setting. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. In this recently published study, Nibblett et al. set out to examine whether cats might experience

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Don’t Let your Dog be a Bumpus Hound!

If you are a fan of the 1983 holiday classic A Christmas Story, you may well remember little Ralphie dreaming of receiving from Santa his very own Red Ryder B.B. gun, amidst shaking heads and repeated admonitions from the adults around him that he will surely shoot

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Appropriate Play Between Dogs

I have had many clients over the years who complain that they are concerned or embarrassed about their dog’s behavior when playing with other dogs. Some dogs are constantly biting the necks or backs of other dogs, chasing in “dogged” pursuit when the other dog seems to

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Risk Analysis of Behavior Problems: Environmental Factors 3

Dr. Melissa Bain provides a quick overview of environmental factors that can influence an owner’s risk assessment of their pet’s problem behavior, in this excerpt from Psychology Today’s Decoding your Pet series.

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AVSAB Webinar: Top 10 Behavioral Tips You Can Introduce Today

Incorporation of behavior into veterinary practice is part of the standard of care, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. This webinar gives learners a taste of things that veterinary practitioners and their staff can begin to incorporate into their everyday practice.

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Why do Cats Love Boxes?

In this lighthearted video from Business Insider, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Stephen Zawistowski explains why most cats crave cavorting in a cardboard box!

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Survey Participation Request

Hello, I’m a PhD student studying at the University of Sydney in the faculty of Veterinary Science. My current project involves using compiled footage as part of an online questionnaire that features questions on experience, dog emotional state and emotional processing. We are seeking volunteers to complete

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Selections from Dr. Sophia Yin

In ongoing recognition of Dr. Sophia Yin, I am presenting here the most recent article posted to her website. In this post, Dr. Valerie Jonckheer–Sheehy discusses how to implement positive reinforcement and desensitization to trim a cat’s nails in an exam room setting. This provides just one

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